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Solar panels for Kasulu training centre

Would you imagine living without electricity? 
For many this is the reality. Kasulu district as a whole with a population of about 700,000 has no electricity. 
Some business in semi-urban Kasulu use generators to power businesses that use electricity. Because of the lack of electricity many activities in Kasulu cannot be undertaken. For many women (often already having a family to take care of) and young people who have had no opportunity to attend regular school, the chance of being able to do something is often an illusion.
Kasulu Foundation has launched a new program to develop a learning and activity centre where women and young people can get training on a wide range of skills including computing. 
The place will cater as an information centre as well where people will be able to watch television and get information on issues relating to their community such as AIDS and sanitation. 
The buildings are already there (we have been offered a place by a local church).
Because a power generator’s running costs are very high due to the price of fuel and maintenance, we have decided to buy solar panels which are more expensive but have a one-time cost. 
We are aiming at collecting € 6000 (about $8950 or £5500) to buy solar panels. Join us now and contribute towards this goal. Thank you!
On 21th March 2010 the Wereld Contact foundation in Wehl (a village nearby Doetinchem in The Netherlands) is organising a sponsor run for Kasulu Foundation. 
During the run children will be sponsored for a number of rounds they run. There will be other activities such as dancing and painting. 
Tanzanian and many other African snacks will be available for sale on the day. 
You can participate too by sponsoring a child or children who will run on that day or you can come in person to Wehl. Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring or if you are attending the sponsor run in person. Please call us on +316 402 997 30 or e-mail us at: info@kasulu.nl
We hope to see you there!
Vocational Training
Kasulu Foundation began last year with a vocational training programme for sponsored children who have then graduated but could not continue with high education. We started with 11 young adults who are now attending a diverse of courses ranging from basic mechanics to agriculture. 
Another 15 young adults have been sponsored by Anna Poot Foundation through Kasulu Foundation to study nursing and midwifery. This programme is aimed at increasing capacity and quality at Kabanga Hospital in Kasulu district. The hospital has been experiencing a chronic shortage of staff although they have own nursing and midwifery training school, but without any legal binding measure to retain skilled workers after graduation. The sponsored young people have agreed to work (as employees) at the hospital for at least three years after they graduate.
Kasulu Foundation has been working with Kabanga to try and offer solution to this problem.
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